Monday, March 26, 2012

Confessions of an Easter Bunny

I carefully walked up the firetruck steps helped by a couple of our borough's firefighters.  Soon the wind was whipping through my tall furry ears.  I ducked to avoid the wires overhead.  I waved to the onlookers below.  It was a wonderful day.  I was the Easter Bunny on my way to the borough's Easter egg hunt.

A few hours earlier I was at Sacred Heart Hospital helping to get the chapel ready for the celebration of the Easter vigil that night.  It was Holy Saturday! 

How could I do this about-face? How could I remove myself from the somber reflection of Jesus' great sacrifice?  The triduum was only two-thirds complete and yet I was celebrating with wild abandon.

Holy Week is my favorite week.  Easter is by far my favorite holiday. This week of the liturgical year, like no other week, invites us into the life of  Jesus.  I hear through the scriptures the stories that still deeply affect me.   The drama of the Holy Thursday and Good Friday liturgies drive home what Jesus did for all of us.

There are other aspects of the entire lent-Easter dilemma.  When do I put out the china bunnies and chicks?  When do I hang the Easter wreaths?  Most of the time I wait until Palm Sunday but this year I put up the wreaths early.  I think I needed a little reminder this year of the joy to come.

So back to the bunny, just how can I do it?

I know the ending, that's how.  My joy is premature. I don't deceive myself into thinking that there can be any  logical correlation between the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Easter Bunny but there is a cause to celebrate – even if it is a day early!

Easter egg hunts, china chicks and bunnies, ridiculous amounts of candy, over-the-top house decorations,  can be our invitation to share the joy of the resurrection with those we know and love. 

Much gratitude to the Borough of Fountain Hill's awesome firefighters and all they do to make the borough a better, safer place to live!

This story will appear in Catholic online next week.