Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gonna Ring His Be el el, Ring His Bell!!!

Happy Feast Day!

November 4 is the Feast Day of St. Charles Borromeo and  my feast day. I had no idea what joy the day would bring.

The church considers Carolee a derivative of Charles so that’s how I wound up with November 4 as my feast day.

Sacred Heart Hospital’s chapel acquired bells -- wonderful bells all over the place. We now have bells mounted to the wall to herald the beginning of Mass.

The other new addition is a set of sacristy bells to be rung at the appropriate parts of the Mass indicating something really big, important and miraculous is happening.

I got to ring the bells!!!

Kneeling at the foot of the altar, waiting for the correct time to ring the bells, it occurred to me how right, proper and good it was to announce this everyday miracle was taking place one more time -- ordinary bread and wine being transformed into the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love daily Mass. It’s not that I don’t appreciate music or the extra bits of the Mass from Sunday it’s just that daily Mass offers an opportunity to hone in on the very essence of my faith. The beautiful gift Jesus gave us in the Eucharist!